The Top 3 Reasons DryBands are the best wristbands!

The Top 3 Reasons DryBands are the best wristbands!

DRYBands are wristbands designed specifically for competitive gymnasts in mind. They are specially made with soft, sweat absorbing material, and their patent pending design is changing the gymnastics wristband game as we know it!

Here are our the TOP 3 reasons why high level gymnasts NEED #Drybands 

Reason 1: They Eliminate Wrist Irritation And Rips.

DRYbands allow the gymnast to practice in comfort.

Sweat plus friction is a recipe for disaster for your wrists. The combination of the two can lead to raw, red and sore.  

DRYbands are designed to pull sweat away from your skin with their specialized core that is 20x more absorbent than standard cotton wristbands.


Reason 2: The Fabric Stays SOFT!

Every elite gymnasts knows the feeling of itchy hard wristbands. The combination of sweat, chalk and water builds up making regular wristbands not only uncomfortable but it also makes them STINKKKKYYYY!!

But it's not a simple case of throwing them in the wash, as often regular cotton wristbands become slippery  and can sometimes harden when you wash them & the neoprene smells terrible after a few wears!

DRYbands however have an antimicrobial treatment AND are machine-washable.. they'll soft and silky even after washing!

Reason 3: They'll Save You Time!

DRYbands have a flip up peice of fabric to prevent grips from snagging your leotards, coming undone or sliding around while you are training or competing.

Coaches and Gymnasts have all experienced delays from gymnasts adjusting grips while waiting for their turn and during their routines on bars!

DRYbands however help to keep buckles/velcro in place to eliminate the need for constant adjustment or flopping straps....saving you time and making you look sharp.

After all these reasons why wouldn't you want a pair of #DRYbands ??  

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