The Aztec Collection

The Aztec Collection

It’s summer time which means only one thing; it's time for us to share our EMG 2022 summer collection with you. Aztec Art inspires this year's summer collection. 

Our Aztec Collection showcases rectangular/circular abstract shapes and recurring in long, symmetrical lines and, of course, some bright, bold colours, all of which were standard features in the Aztec designs.

The Aztec Collection is a capsule collection comprised of four new leotards, Mesoa Lavender, Citali Pastel, Equinox Neon and Atzi Azure

Our "Mesoa Lavender" leotard is the perfect colourful and comfortable option for gymnasts. Made from our breathable premium quality lycra, "Mesoa Lavender" guarantees maximum comfort during your training sessions.

Inspired by the Aztec's well-known love of art, Mesoa Lavender showcases a simple ombre design with paint splatter detail. Its name was also inspired by Aztecs, who were a Mesoamerican culture in modern-day Mexico City.

Our “Citali Pastel” leotard is a must-have for the summer season. It's a fun, playful design showcasing an Aztec-inspired Geometric design. Its name is influenced by the Aztec word “Citalee”, meaning “Star”. Will you shine bright in this leotard?

Our “Equinox Neon” leotard is a sleek and simplistic leotard with a bright neon twist. This Leotard also showcases the Aztec design style of continuous symmetrical lines and bright colours. This design is named after the celestial event known as an Equinox, where the equator intersects the ecliptic. 

Our Final leotard of this collection is “Atzi Azure”, which showcases a tie-dye ripple print with some geometric accents. This name and design influenced the Aztec word “Atzi”, meaning “rain”.

The EMG Aztec Collection showcases these four new leotards inspired by the Aztec Culture in mind. As always, our EMG leotards are made with gymnasts in mind, using soft and durable fabrics to ensure comfort, longevity and designs to instil confidence in all our EMG gymnasts!

 Our new leotards are limited edition, so make sure you grab your favourite leotard before it's gone!

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We hope you all love our Aztec Collection, 


Aimee & The EMG Team x

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