How to use Giddy Balm to heal gymnastics rips!

How to use Giddy Balm to heal gymnastics rips!

Giddy balm is an all natural ingredient balm which is used in preventing ripped hands or for quick healing of a rip! Something you are most likely experiencing if you are reading this article! Congratulations you're a real gymnast! 

Rips can be painful and can take a long time to heal if incorrectly cared for! But don't worry were here to help! 

Here is our How to Guide on healing your gymnastics rips fast!

Step 1: Clean, Clean, Clean!

The first step is to clean the wound! To do this start by washing the rip under some cold running water,  if there is any excess skin covering the wound, you will need to carefully cut it off. 

Step 2: Apply Giddy Balm.

Next, take a small amount of giddy balm and rub it onto the rip. You will need to allow the skin to absorb the balm.

Step 3: Callous Prevention:

To prevent Callous build up, use the giddy balm frequently! This will help to keep the area moisturized which will help ensure no cracking of the wound occurs.

Step 4: Keep Your Hands Clean:

Between applications of the giddy balm you will need to ensure the area is kept clean to avoid any infection of the rip! So wash your hands frequently between applications!

Step 5: Say Hello To New Skin!

After following the steps above you should see the arrival of new skin! YAY!! 

To ensure the rip continues to heal it is important to continue using the giddy balm. It will ensure the new skin on the rip doesn't dry up, as this would cause the skin to crack and you will continue to rip in the same spot.

Need some Giddy Balm to cure your rips? 

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