Looking for a new club leotard... Then look no further

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your custom club wear needs. 

Our company strives to support and inspire gymnasts to feel confident in what they are wearing. Our dedicated Irish designers will surpass your expectations. We work directly with you to bring your visions to life.


How it works

Step One
Fill in the form to start designing your new club leotards.  

Step Two
Our designers will get in touch and work with you to help create your new club leotards.  

Step Three
Our designers will come up with multiple design concepts for you to approve etc. Once you have approved a design we will arrange to make a sample.
When payment has been received, our production manager, will work her magic whilst you sit back and relax.
Step Four
Once our sample has been approved by you and your club, we will arrange for your order to be made.


For any other questions or queries please contact us via clubs@equipmygym.ie